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Message from David David Kernan

A man who wants to make a difference.

This is literature for a new age, an age wherein a higher consciousness is realized. And books that lovingly brighten and heighten one’s libido can only help. I truly believe that. Then again, maybe it’s presumptuous of me to count so much on this new age we are slowly, even in some cases reluctantly entering into, this crossing over as it were to a higher consciousness, a divine cosmos wherein loving relationships between people take precedence over violence and catastrophe. I can hope.

And I do hope that we finally see the light; that we pass into this state of higher consciousness, this divinity, a state that has been lying dormant in too many of us, yet the one redeeming part of our everlasting makeup; a state of being that quite unfortunately has been systematically suppressed and named anathema by generation after generation of societal norms dictated primarily in orthodoxy.

So many things kept from us. So, so many. Too many. Such is the progression of lies: tell one and you must tell another. Before long there are many lies … and that many more persons beholden to them with bribes conferred, new allegiances then honored, and the discrepancies pile up. Now multiply this unfortunate travesty of behavior by three-thousand years or more.

This is where we are now.

The lies have to stop.

Shadow of Light, my flagship book, strives to dispel some of these lies and put us back on a path to the heart of ourselves through loving sexual intercourse and the higher, healing vibration it yields, an idea so progressive that many will surely be scared to death of it. Still,  this is the truth as it was handed down to me and I must go forward with it, this sublime task, and hope for the best.

Now is CHAPTER SIX: the ‘story of the beginning’ eluded to in Shadow of Light, wherein the sixth chapter of the Book of Genesis is expanded upon to include what legions of clergy have fought to the death to dispel and crush: the truth as it was given to me by the angel Daniel.

We have much ugliness to face and rise above. This is our quest. And we must rise above it, the horrors we uncover, and we will uncover many, or we will be no better than those who inflict the horrors upon us. Therein lies the balance: to fight evil with love and understanding and ultimately forgiveness.

For myself, and even though it is contradictory to where I have professed we need to go, I do not believe forgiveness to be on my agenda this time around. I am not that strong.

Some pains run too deep.

Love and understanding on the other hand is completely doable. And though there may be many who come to feel as I, remember that progress can only be achieved with the highest vibration of love as your ally. And though the ultimate message is not new, it is a true message: against evil there is no greater weapon than love.

–David David Kernan

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  Thank you–David David Kernan

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